Current DID Price: $0.0025

This phase ends in:

-Token Sale Ended-

Total amount raised:

$ 1978230

Attention users: Your computer can automatically remove the browser's cache and storage if your device is running low on memory. To be safe, please always store your private keys safely off this site.

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Min Price: $0.001

Schedule: 27 Dec, 2017 - 4 Jan, 2018

Phase ends in: Ended

Tokens Burnt: 0

Tokens carried to phase-1: 937508000

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Raised in this phase:



Min Price: $0.0013

Schedule: 4 Jan, 2018 - 14 Jan, 2018

Phase ends in: Ended

Tokens Burnt: 4085124923

Tokens carried to phase-2: 0

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Raised in this phase:



Min Price: $0.0016

Schedule: 14 Jan, 2018 - 24 Jan, 2018

Phase Ends in:Ended

Tokens Burnt: 3697060000

Tokens carried to phase-3: 0

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Raised in this phase:



Min Price:$ 0.0019

Schedule: 24 Jan, 2018 - 8 Feb, 2018

Phase ends in:Ended

Tokens Burnt: 3746054737

Tokens carried to phase-4: 0

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Raised in this phase:

$ 94541


Min Price:$ 0.0021

Schedule: 8 Feb, 2018 - 22 Feb, 2018

Phase ends in: Ended

Tokens Burnt: 3754980476

Tokens carried to phase-5: 0

Participate with:

Raised in this phase:

$ 99593


Min Price:$ 0.0025

Schedule: 22 Feb, 2018 - 4 Mar, 2018

Phase ends in: Ended

Bonus Phase! A portion of unsold tokens has been distributed amongst all participants.

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Token Sale FAQs

Where can I send my contributions from?

You can send your contributions from any country, any exchange, any conversion service. You make your own Ethereum wallet in your browser and your DID tokens are sent anonymously to that address on susseccful receipt of contribution.

When will my tokens get released?

Tokens will be released at the end of each ICO phase. Please allow up to 36 hours for you to receive your DID tokens. Please consult our token release schedule in our ICO guide.

How can I log in into my temporary Ether wallet?

You, yourself in your browser generate a temporary Ether wallet. The wallet provides you with a public address and a private key. The private key is enough to unlock an Ether address. Just paste the private key into an ethereum wallet to unlock. More instructions are available here: link

Will the price of my DID always increase?

Yes, we have made sure that during the ICO, every phase starts with at least the price determined in the previous phase. Therefore, you can be assured that during our ICO and beyond, the price of DID will keep on increasing.

I removed my browser's cache. What do I do now?

If you did not store/backup the private keys of your temporary Ether wallet, sadly, your funds are lost. There is no way for the staff to help you. Your private key is generated in your browser, stays there and never gets transfered.

I did not receive my DIDs at the end of a phase

Please email [email protected] with (a) your public ETH address (b) DID contribution address. Alternatively, you can call us on +44 207 101 3390

Where can I get more help?

We have a huge following on Facebook and somehow our FB page has become the centre for support. You can chat with other users and also inbox us on Facebook to get support. Please visit our Facebook page here:

Which websites can I log into with my DIDs?

We are working hard to forge relationships with internet and blockchain companies. Currently, you can log into win.mena with your DID Login app.

I want to become a sitting member of the Foundation

The UK Charaties and Investment act requires all board members of a Foundation to have an impeccable track record. If you are interested in becoming a sitting member of the physical foundation, you need to hold a DID token. To initiate a vetting request, please email [email protected]

Can I vote with my DIDs?

Yes. All holders of DID are voting members of the DID Foundation. The Foundation, from time to time, will release proposals to safeguard your ID on the Blockchain. Public announcements will be made in this respect and all DID holders are encouraged to vote; therefore setting a direction for the Foundation.